Monday, 3 December 2012

Angling Trust Winter League - Round 5

  • E1
  • 18 roach for a whopping 3oz and 8 drammes (one of the roach was 1oz which I thought about netting!!!!)
  • 3rd in section
  • Team was 3rd

With another hard frost, no boat traffic, canal gin clear, fourth match in as many weeks, it was going to become another "super tough Sunday". Now this canal is full of fish, but when it goes clear, you know that it is going to be rock hard (tough), and I hoped that I would be on an end peg for prue selfish reasons! This didn't happen and was two pegs away from where I was last Sunday, not a good area.

Simple approach, Bloodworm and Joker with Lob worms. Done.

I had a bite less 2 hours and was worried that I was going to have to wait until the last 10 minutes of the match to catch. However, caught a roach on my 4 x 8 rig, with 0.05 and 28 hook and single joker. Now, one you catch one roach there is normally more and had 8 more in as many chucks. No joke these roach were tiny and I reckon they wouldn't go an ounce! However, there were bites and then the line went funny, so fished my another 5 lines and returned to it and caught a couple more, but something was wrong. To be honest the water was too clear and I think the shoal moved, so started another line in 2 feet, which was strange as I could see the bottom, but this is the ONLY place I could get a bite and was the last place that I thought I would get a bite. This resulted in two tiny roach, then a pike rolled and that was it! No bites for the rest of the match! 18 fish in about 30 mins and then match over. Very cold, and never rotated so many lines in all my life and was gutted not to catch a perch!!!! Well done to Steve who won section with 1lb 11oz, all roach (80 fish).

A nice cold morning on the Kennet and Avon canal at "Cottages"

Road side.


All to play for at Avington in two weeks, as this is the final round of our Angling Trust Winter League.  We are one point infront of Sensas A4. 
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