Sunday, 18 November 2012

Angling Trust Winter League - Round 4

  • 6lb 3oz
  • Section Win
  • 2nd overall
  • Team won

Avington is one my favourite parts of the Kennet and Avon canal, I have had some great days fishing on this stretch of canal.  However due to British Waterways doing some work on the lock in Foxfield (rumour has kit building a marina) and therefore there is no boat traffic and the canal is very clear. The fish are shoaled up and lot of the better fish aren’t feeding, such as the skimmer bream and big perch.  The main fish that have been feeding is tiny little roach, 45-60 to the pound, so VERY small.  Also with another sudden frost Saturday night, this will and did have a negative effect on today fishing match. 

I was pleased with last week’s Angling Trust winter league, as we were lucky enough to win the round as a team and we hoped to repeat last weeks performance.  We have a very good team draw, with Martin Phipps on A1, Paul Glenfield E1 and myself on an end peg things did look in our favour as end pegs were going to be worth their weight in gold, as this match was super tough.

My plan of attack was to fish joker in bread at 5 meters, lob worms down the track at 13 meters down the peg out of the way, and raw joker up the shelf in 2.5 feet of water.  I set myself  a target weight of 6lb which is likely to frame, this means catching 300 roach, which would be impressive or impossible, or catching a few lumpy perch.  Now last week’s Angling Trust Winter league I never had bite on lob worm, which did result me wasting a great deal of my match trying to catch nonexistent fish or I did it wrong?  Looking at last weeks fishing match I should of framed, as 4lb 6oz framed!    However, some of these perch run big and are up to a whopping 3lb and that takes a lot of small fish and so catching a couple of perch or even a perch are and will be match winning fish. 

My match was a little slow to start with and then picked up and was catching a tiny roach a chuck after about an hour, with a few quick looks on the lob worm lines which resulted in nothing, however these perch are likely to feed early or late.  So kept of feeding and kept having quick looks, which do reward me in 4 perch in the end, which would have weighed 3lb 8oz to 4lb along with some bits for overall weight of 6lb 3oz.

The roach were tiny again this week and joker as a hookbait proved to be better and quicker


Looking forward to Open match next week (25th Nov) at Roadside / Cottages and Iron Bridge,  If you want to fish please ring Matt Herbert on 07588015323.

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