Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Manor Farm - Island

  • Peg 3
  • 34lb
  • 3rd
  • Section win

Match Results – Thursday 8th March – Island Pool – Affordable Open

1ST PAUL ALDER                        70-8-0
Mill House Angling Peg 24
2ND JOHN CLEGG                       70-6-0
Rexel AC Peg 14
3RD CHRIS TELLING                    34-0-0
Vespe Peg 3
4TH GRAHAM WHITMORE            30-12-0
South Redditch Peg 18
14 fished.  Commons, mirrors and F1s caught on pole and pellet and maggot feeder.

  • Peg 4
  • 34lb
  • 4th
  • 2nd in section

Still haven't got this pellet fishing sorted, I’m missing a couple of vital fish in order to more me into a frame place!   Last couple of matches I have struggled to maintain a steady stream of fish.........

  • I'm unsure if to feed one line, gets exhausted more start another fresh line, then move onto another.
  • Rotating between two lines, feed one and then fish other and rotate, this gives the fish time to settle (have been doing this and feel this isn't 100% correct)
  • How much to feed?  To each bite or fish? 
  • Do you feed ten, fifteen, twenty, etc 4mm pellets? 
  • Is micro’s better for these new stocky fish? 
  • "Pinging pellets on top" (fish coming to noise, but can bring them up-in-the-water and you can over do it i.e. feed too much)
Generally speaking more positive feeding will result in more carp, Manor has a large head of carp, but today I only had one.  Also speaking to other anglers not many carp fed today.  Micro’s did result in a few missed bites once the carp was feeding on Middle's match on Saturday, but I felt that the micro bought more small F1's into the peg or encouraged them to feed, but when the carp feed I missed a couple of bites, and therefore only fed 4mm's and began to connect with the bites.  But them missed bites maybe have cost me section win.

see link for Manor Farm

Match Results – Wednesday 29th February – Island Pool

1ST MARK RUSSELL                    43-4-0
Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 27
2ND ROB BIRTLES                     42-6-0
Mosella Peg 8
3RD ALAN AINSWORTH            35-14-0
Mid City Peg 34
4TH CHRIS TELLING                    34-8-0
Vespe Peg 4
F1 carp caught on pole and pellet.

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