Sunday, 19 February 2012

Avington- Round Five, final round (Denton's Canal League)

  • 6lb 2oz
  • B2
  • Section Win
  • 2nd overall

Cracky bag of fish, Micky with impressive 17lb 14oz
Avington is a cracking venue and has been fished a lot recently which has had a knock effect on the weights, and the weather hasn't helped!  However, I have had a great days fishing, as I have caught small fish all day, whereas I think a lot of venues would of been a struggle to catch, yet alone Micky Ellyatt awesome catch!

Top 6

1. Micky Ellyatt 17lb 14oz
2. Chris Telling 6lb 2oz
3 D. Guntrip 5lb 1oz
4 Jeff Lewingdon 4lb 14oz
5. Rober Head 3lb 14oz
6 Mick Denton 3lb 10oz

Overall League

Myself 23 points
Micky Ellyatt 21 points
Robert Head 20 points

Thanks to Mick Denton for running all the matches.

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