Sunday, 4 September 2011

Turner 400

Crayfish are becoming a huge problem, as they are eating everything and also making it difficult to fish on the bottom.

37 fish in the 1st half hour............................

Not sure what happend for the next 4.5 hours.

Fishing 18 meters for perch to a huge bush, but no Bream

A perch full of worms, very greedy fish.

Andy Pollard in full action
I was disppointed with my 5lb, and in my 26 peg section I had 11 points, the section fished really well, with Micky Elliott (Drennan Oxford) won the section with 13lb of bits, 271 fish.  As an whole the river fished reasonable well for small fish, as a lot of people had 4lb - 8lb of small fish which equals lots of bites.  Looking forward to Thames Champs in couple of weeks.

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