Friday, 16 September 2011

Swindon-on-Tour at Whitearces

Monday's Gold Match

  • Peg 22 on Twin Oaks
  • Last
Fred on his way to 2nd on his lake (48lb) Peg 20 on Twin Oaks


Neil after two pints
Wednesday's Match

  • I was 2nd on my lake and 3rd overall
  • 77lb 8oz
  • Phil beat me by 2oz for 2nd
  • Dixy Junior won it with an impressive 80lb

Small F1

Phil aka " landlord" fast asleep

Thursday's Rover
  • Peg 1 on "Polly"
  • 61lb
  • Won the lake (38lb was 2nd)
  • 7th overall out of 211!

Err which one, but 116th in the drew.

Know the rules, so I suggest reading them

Dangerous Dave Peg 2 on "polly" (An arm wrestler)
The Dixy's
"Simthy" coming 3rd

Tried to hold it, but couldn't (5 carp for 45lb)

"Big Baz" in action

Phil Drew ticket number 1

Baz with 1 of his many whiskers

Mick O' B

Mick Lane

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