Friday, 19 August 2011

Rubber Floats

Carp pole floatsPRODUCTS
New "Active rubber" pole floats
1st on the market, made from a new "active rubber" formulation, pole floats designed to really stand-up to the rigors of modern commercial match fishing, a quantum leap forward in the tools you need to catch more fish!!
  • The strongest pole float ever! virtually indestructible ( watch video )
• No eye, simple in-line design  for strength and perfect balance....with no tangles!!
• No paint, less weight and nothing to get chipped off and let the water in.
• Very buoyant, takes more shot for a smaller size.
• All the float patterns you need to do everything in carp fishing.
 Pellet Bagger
"the" summer float, thick bristle gives optimum visibility, very stable body shape which fits tight on the fibre stem, can take a range of thick line sizes with confidence from 0.10 to 0.26mm takes them all.

Ideal when going for a big bag of fish this float can take it all as well as pellets works perfectly with worms, meat, corn and paste.
A delicate design more applicable to fishing for F1's and crucians, will detect the shyest of bites,

..a commercial fishery workhorse with a range of sizes to cover everything you'll ever need,

Works well with pellet, corn and maggots.
Best extreme big fish  bagging float, withstands all the stresses and strains when big weights are on the cards.

Very stable with long bristle to distinguish between line bites and real bites.

Inline system lets you really "feel" the fish, especially important when playing the bigger fish that paste and cat meat can bring.
..short stubby stable float can withstand explosive margin fishing against reeds, bushes and lilies in extreme shallow water, robust and visible,

Inline design gives total control and can be fished with virtually any bait.
 Shallow Pellet
Ideal for hard pellet up in the water, perfect for slapping to mimic the sound of feeding pellets.

Line goes right though the middle so no weak spots,

Lifting and dropping while feeding. Pellet / worm / chopped worm and caster / maggot.