Thursday, 25 August 2011

Manor Farm - Ash Pool

  • Peg 13
  • 116lb
  • 1st
  • 9 people fish

Ash Pool.
Ash pool is the smallest out of all the lakes, but is rammed full of fish and the F1’s are a good stamp (1lb 8oz-2lb) and large head of carp in there, with a fish munters.  Steve Ford had a 16lb out and had 3 fish for a whopping 40lb in a match, so be warned!
As the lake is small, therefore be selective in what you fish, as you don’t want fellow anglers to effect you in anyway.  Normally you catch 6 meters and shorter in the summer, in the winter or if the lake starts to fish harder then you may end up fishing 13 meters.  Pellet waggler can work if your in the middle of the lake, and the method is good also if things don’t go to plan.  With regards to the method don’t be frightened to fish it short, like 5 meters.
Our match see 9 people come, with is an idea amount, as we have loads of room.  We have had really heavy rain through the night, which made it an nightmare getting here as one of the roads in Gloucester was flooded.  So the rain may affect the performance of the match, especially as it’s the smallest and therefore will have more effect on the water temperature.
The Match
The match didn’t go to plan, as it was a struggle to catch short, actually only caught one skimmer, and even the mighty Chris Cameron was struggling.  So went long and pinged out 6mm hard pellet and caught via lifting and dropping.  The F1’s were a good stamp and hard the odd carp chucked in.  So after a very slow start, I was pleased to end up with 116lb to win the match.

Chris Cameron with a large Manor beauty

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