Saturday, 2 July 2011

Rolf's Lake - 01/07/11

  • peg 23
  • 142lb
  • 53lb skimmers
  • 5th out of 17

    Don't cut your worms too fine, as you can see some huge chucks, corn and mirco pellet added. Half a kilo of worms will be enough, so don't be thinking you need loads of bait, because I would only feed it via toss pot, anything more you will attract carp which will mess the bream fishing up. 
    17lb 4oz, 1st fish.  Good start.
    Dathan, the camra man, showed me how to catch at the end of the match.  Not sure how big, guessing bewteen 15lb - 18lb
    And other.........
    16lb 12oz

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