Saturday, 9 July 2011


Warren Pool

  • Peg 23
  • 32lb
  • (3 carp for 10lb and 22lb silvers)
  • 4th in my 9 peg section
  • Mr May won the section with 40lb (well done)
I’m always keen to fish new venues, as there is always surprise which can do either way.   After getting lost, I finally got to the lake and spoke to the bailiff to try and get some information on the venue.  As Woody said, start on the method feeder in hope of an early (lucky) carp and when fish the pole for skimmers and odd carp and then done the edge for lumps.  Sounds easy???  The maximum size pellet you can feed on Warren Lake is 4mm and it has to fishery feed pellet only.  You can use your own hook pellet.
The lake looked stunning, and was reasonably big and pegs were at a sensible distance apart and we had the whole lake, so some of us had empty pegs between us, so plenty of room.  My only concern was the lake of fish moving, not many fish crashing around, but the lake was a good colour, so guessing there must be a good head of fish to maintain the colour (fish eating and stirring up the bottom).
The Match
I started on the method at 25 yards, and for thirty minutes I hadn’t had a bite, and looking around the lake there was lack of action and around me no one had caught.  Jamie across the lake had caught a large carp and “snooty fox” was catching small carp all on the method feeder.  So I decided to go on the pole and caught a few small perch, which wasn’t a good sign and then tried pellet to my left, and caught a few roach and then finally caught a bream about 10oz.  The guys to my left had about 3 skimmers and the guy to my right had caught nothing...... things weren’t looking good. 
I was getting “bitted” out and these fish weren’t really worth catch as they were too small.  I even tried to fish caster up and down in the water, but couldn’t put a run of fish together.  So after three hours (half way through) I felt I was going no where.  So decided to launch a load of bait down the edge,  4 tins of corn and 2 pints of pellet and 2 pints of water.  Within 5 minutes I had a carp about 8lb moving around, but it spooked off without me even putting a rig down there.  So I decided to move my empty carp net and put it out of the way, as i felt it may of spooked because of seeing the net.  However this didn’t work and I now felt that I had no chance of doing any good in the match.  So got off my box and got another feeder rod and casted 40 yards with a cage feeder with groundbait and pellet and put a bed of bait on the bottom and then fish a method over the top and hope to catch a few lumps  late and even catch down the edge as there is a mountain of bait there.  So to no surprised, this didn’t work and I weighed a miserable 32lb, despite thinking I only had 22lb.  I caught 3 carp late on the long line and a few bream.  The fish did come, but so late and either side both caught a decent sized carp, whereas I caught 3 small carp for 10lb 12oz.  So got battered either side, and felt that I should of kept fishing on the pole and caught anything that swam and put fish in the net, as only 40lb won the section (well done daddy May).

Pete Bailey won the match with an impressive 104lb.  For most, it was a difficult match as it fished very hard.

5 Nobby65 10:05:00 9 1
6 StevieB 19:02:00 7 1
8 Herbie 32:08:00 6 1
9 BobP 32:12:00 5 2
11 Dottedown 73:12:00 3 6
12 Westy 58:10:00 4 4
15 Peter1984 104:02:00 1 12
18 Snooty Fox 74:00:00 2 8
19 Ruddyroach 13:08:00 8 1
21 Andy Day 38:02:00 3 6
23 Chris Telling 32:06:00 4 4
24 Twiggy 38:08:00 2 8
25 Micky no bites 13:06:00 8 1
26 Connor 14:02:00 7 1
27 Redarmy 41:02:00 1 10
32 Woody 21:02:00 6 1
34 Anthony9987 28:00:00 5 2

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Thanks to Gaz Wood for running the match.

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