Monday, 28 February 2011

Solhampton 27/02/11

  • Peg 21
  • 73lb
  • Fished 18 meters to the island
  • Ten people fished

73lb, not quite enough

Andy Pitt winning the match with 75lb


My knowledge of the venue is very limited, and I have never fished the “The Duck” pool before and have only fished the venue twice on two different lakes back in the summer.  Solhampton has 5 lakes at moment and they are all mature with stunning surroundings.  So on my arrival I saw Carl Jones, who is very successful on this venue, well actually quite a few, so I tried to pick his brains as I wanted to build up a mental picture.  I was told by Burgess and Carl to feed micro pellets and feeding a pint would be plenty.   The depth was around 4-5 feet and there would be plenty of “stockies” (small carp) and pegs 7, 8 and 9 were good.

The match

I drew peg 21, and Carl said “you got a waggler rod?”..... err no 3 feeder rods......... well one will do!”
On arrival to my peg, I felt that I could reach the far bank with a long pole, so I was lucky as my neighbours couldn’t reach it with a pole, as it was twenty metres plus.  So I wanted to make sure there was no pole limits, as some venues do enforce a 16 meter limit.  However, there wasn’t one after checking with Burgess (owner) so I was relieved and was confident of catching a few fish, especially with 2 foot water against the island.  With little breeze I made up two rigs, first one was 0.2 gram with 0.159 to 0.135 18 LS1150 BB, and three foot of line between the pole tip and float.  The other one was 0.159 to 0.125 18 B911 but with 10 inches between the pole tip and float.  The longer line was just in case the wind got up, which it did big time!  This may seem excessive, but you can’t keep the pole tip still in high winds even though I have got a good pole.
So I got out my five foot pellet rig to my embarrassment, as I quickly realised that it was 3 foot too long!  Then come some friendly banter come across the lake, and then told this was the shallowest peg on the lake,  oh gosh,  the lake was slightly deeper to my right, but it was only a few inches.
“All in” I cupped in one toss pot of micro pellet at 11 meters and then put a 4mm hooker pellet and another toss pot full of micro’s pellet at 18 meters.  I got off to the perfect start, fish within a minute and had 7 carp in the first 20 minutes.  Then they faded away slightly, so then fished 18 meters to my right, which was away from the island, but was the same depth and caught a couple of carp there.  The match did slow down slightly, so then rotated between the two to keep fish coming throughout the match.   Also I found when it got “iffy” I would feed one line and then fish the other to speed up the whole process of getting quicker bites.
The main issue was the wind and I did struggle to hold the pole, and just couldn’t get the presentation correct.  The last 1hour and 30 minutes there were a lot of fish present, but couldn’t hold the pole very well.  When there was a gap in the wind for a few minutes I would always get a bite and some of the bites were the smallest of dips and I would lift into anything that may of looked like a bite. Sometimes I thought the float dragged against the water tow, and lift and three foot of yellow Vespe bi core would fly out.  Therefore, this is why I didn’t get a bomb or waggler as I think I wouldn’t see enough of the bites, only the ones that hang themselves.  The people next to me fished a waggler and feeder and caught very little, as the presentation can’t be achieved, however they did catch on the pole at shorter lengths.

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