Wednesday, 16 February 2011

2011 here I come

Angling Times semi final
Milton Keynes

Fishing with Gordon League I am hoping to quialfy for the Angling Times final.  We have been practing for the main event on 6th March.  I will let you know how this goes.  Fingers crossed!!!!

(see link

Fish O mania

Very disappointed that I didn't quailfy last year as I did have my chancer at Larford Lakes.  It would be nice to get into the final again (2001 I was there).  I have only got 3 tickets.

Viaduct on 09/04/11

Tunnel Barn on 21/05/11

Lindholme on 29/06/11

Maver Match This

Another big money final.

I have four tickets for this, which cost me a whopping £200.

The tickets I have:

Saturday 7th May at Woodlands.

Saturday 4th June at Larford lakes

Sunday 17th July at Heronbrook

Saturday 23rd at Larford lakes

Uk Champs

I have one chance of quailfying this year at Barston Lakes on 25th May

uk champs link

me playing a foul hooked carp.... i did get it out......... in the end!

Manor Farm festival

9th May to 13th May.

Lindholme Festival

25th July to 29th July

County Champs

I am going to try and ensure I get into the final this year and put some time and effort into the semi final, as last year I didn't practice and it did cost me at Hillview.

Ensure you are registered.  See link below: