Saturday, 1 January 2011

Bread fishing

The essential items for bread fishing
  • Good quailty bread, Hovis, Kingsmill or Warburtons
  • A good food blender or coffee grinder
  • Flour sieve
  • Good punches with a pin or needle

 Good punches, Drennan Brass, they cut the bread cleanly and the pin is there to unblock the punches when I am fishing.  Very effective when it is raining, as the punches do get clogged.

Cutting the crusts off will make the bread sink faster.  So if  pike are a problem or the canal is flowing then the bread will get to the bottom quicker.  Also cutting the crusts off will make the bread less filling.  However, if you fishing a canal that is full of fish or catching skimmers then leave the crusts on.
Once blender up, you may wish to put through a flour sieve or pinkie ridd.
The leftovers you can blend again
See the differnce between the sieved (left) and unsieved (right)
Sensas 21 floats from 0.2, 0.3 and 0.4 is used
I use Gamakatsu or B511 size 22 for baggin on 4mm punch
Image Im1's in 24 or 26 or 95% of my bread fishing

South Cerney Club match on K&A canal station

Andy Burns winning the match on peg 1, with over 12lb. 

Dad on peg 2, with 2lb 11oz

My peg 8, same one as the Angling Times winter league

Andy Bright on Peg 11, the bush peg.  2lb 6oz.

Feeding bread

Or use your float

Only had 2lb 13oz, for 5th out of 12 anglers.  Couldn't catch a bonus.