Saturday, 10 March 2018

Manor Farm Leisure - Middle, Ash and Windmill Pool

Peg 28 Middle Pool
1st place
25 people fished the match.

Nice day at Manor Farm Leisure 

Manor Farm Leisure today, with 25 anglers fishing we were nicely spread around 3 lakes.    I was lucky, and draw peg 28 Middle Pool which is a hot area at the moment.  So it was all out pellet match, 2mm and 4mm Animo Pellet was my approach.

2mms was for pellet feeder and down the edge  (well 3 meters away from the bank for "down the edge").  4mms were for long in open water, with 4mms lasso and also a 6mm on the hook for a change bait.

I had a nice day, caught 50lb of orginal fish (5 carp and 10 F1's) and 24lb of beautiful bars of gold (new stocky F1's).   

My 74lb was just enough to win the match.

I fished 0.14 main line to a 0.10 bottom and a 0.3 Jon Walker pellet diamond.   

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