Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Rolfs Lake

Peg 9
32lb of carp (4)
40lb of bream.
13 fished.

I hoped to try and do 100lb plus of skimmers today, but it wasn't to be, peg 9 is an area that is capable of doing this kind of weight. But i couldn't line them up, so at 5.30pm i decidede to fish for carp, which didn't happen. I had one nice 16lber at 7.20pm, Steve camera man Waters took a photo. After the match, my platform was solid with fish!!
Pete Archer won the match with 180lb on peg 7. Fair play. Mark newbold was 2nd 164lb for 2nd. Ian had 109lb for 3rd. Caught some BIG units down the edge!