Sunday, 1 December 2013

Angling Trust Winter League - Avington

  • B5
  • 4lb 11oz
  • 4th in section
  • Team Won
Didn't have a feature. Fished really well, considering it was gin clear! I couldn't catch for long periods for some reason?! Fish kept spooking...  Caught 10 perch and a roach in the first hour and 20 mins. Then for 40 a had a fish a chuck at 6 meters! Then like a light switch it went, pulled my hair out, messed around with rigs for a hour, to catch 3 tiny perch. Then at 1.15 had a fish a chuck on a new joker line at 13 meters down the peg. Fish a chuck for 30 mins, then back to struggling! Strange.  I guess the water was so clear that the big shoal of roach drifted in and out.

I still feel that my team mates would of caught more than myself, but to catch 8lb 14oz to win the section.....
Canal was VERY clear..... a had lack of features.  But I was due a weaker draw.