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Rolfs Lake - Festival 2013

Rolfs Easter Festival 2013

Day 1's catch 13 bream and 1 carp....... then it went all down hill!
Day Three
April Fools .......

With Andy with 2 points and almost 300lb in total weight, things looked very rosey for him. Also John on 3 points, and in the C section today where most carp will be caught, again things looked very good for him also!
So i'm fishing for 3rd place overall, which i would be very pleased with!
The little lake is where the lake has been fishing the hardest, however 2 pegs are full of tiny fish, pegs 40 and 38 would guarantee plenty of bites. I need to finish in the top 2 to hopefully put me in a frame place. If i won the section, then i would finish in the top 5. Pressure on the draw bag!

I drew peg 4, which had flat water and therefore fancied it for a few late carp......

My fishing match didn't go well at all. Hooked and lost one carp on the roach gear. And that summed up my match up really. Thought I would catch a couple of late carp, but all I done was watch Andy bag up, fair play. I couldn't for my life catch down there, i had a perch and gudgeon on my 0.165 hooklength and 3 maggots! Bumped a 1lb perch, which would of made no difference.
Not a good start to my "to do list". Oh well, our Spring League starts next week on the kennet and avon canal, I feel that could be another tough match.
  • Peg 4
  • 2oz
  • 5th section

A Section
1Andy Quarmby269-12
2Danny Deakin3826-01
3Dave Whiteman4011-00
4Gary Kelsey64-01
5Chris Telling40-02
6Phil Powell360-01
B Section
1Mick Lane768-07
2Mick Chappel1341-10
3Geoff Edwards838-08
4Justin McCabe1018-01
5Micheal Corsini3217-12
6Kevan Orr282-10
C Section
1Johnny Broadbent24174-03
2Liam Bough1666-05
3Anthony Flint2654-07
4Paul Newbury1450-02
5Derek Hammond1813-15
6Steve Waters22DNW
Overall Points
1Andy Quarmby3Middy
2Johnny Broadbent4Rolfslake
3Anthony Flint8Tubertini South
4Mick Lane8Rolfslake Cartel
5Liam Bough9Rolfslake
6Kevan Orr10Hall Bait and Tackle
7Chris Telling10Colmic /Vespe
8Geoff Edwards10Reading Angling Center
9Dan Deaking10Rolfslake
10Justin McCabe11Tubertini South

Day Two
  • Peg 24
  • 55lb (2 x 7lbers and 3 big dogs)
  • 3rd section
  • Drifting ice was a killer!!
After a very cold night, the lake was froze solid! And i thought it was spring time? Fair play to John Bennett and Paul Jaz who went out in the boat to break the ice.

Drew peg 24, which won yesterday, however, with the whole lakes ice drifting into our corner, we (Phil, Dave and myself) were going to take the whole lakes ice! Not good, as this made it almost impossible to fish for at least 3 hours of the match. I had to smash the ice with top 4 while playing an angrey 18lb carp!!  Which some how, I got it out....... I give full credit to my Airon F55 pole is a strong tool, despite breaking the number 1 in the end, with ice and double figure fish, which again, some how got it out!  I think most poles would of been in 7 bits, maybe more out of frustration especially after loosing an 18lb carp in ice, topped off one of the most difficult days fishing i've ever had!!!!

Oliver (the dog) weighs around 18lb.....

Oh and the guys putting my fish back without a photo!! Even though I took photos of most people..... never mind.

Rolf's lake was frozen solid, about 2cm in places........ not good.

Andy with an amazing weight considering it was froze solid...... over 200lb!!


A Section
1Micheal Corsini266-06
2Mick Lane3816-01
3Kevan Orr415-04
4Justin McCabe4014-11
5Geoff Edwards613-02
6Mick Chappel36DNW
B Section
1Johnny Broadbent850-05
2Derek Hammond3241-11
3Liam Bough1326-06
4Anthony Flint2820-14
5Steve Waters1011-07
6Paul Newbury7DNW
C Section
1Andy Quarmby14214-05
2Gary Kelsey1857-09
3Chris Telling2455-15
4Danny Deakin1654-06
5Phil Powell2214-03
6Dave Whiteman268-03
Overall Points
1Andy Quarmby2
2Johnny Broadbent3
3Kevan Orr4
4Chris Telling5
5Anthony Flint5

Day One

  • Peg 10
  • 42lb
  • 2nd in section.
Danny with a rather large Rolf's lake common carp.

Dave with a 2lb perch.
A Section
1Anthony Flint3842-05
2Johnny Broadbent4014-15
3Steve Waters610-10
4Liam Bough49-00
5Derek Hammond367-13
6Paul Newbury21-00

B Section
1Andy Quarmby1378-12
2Chris Telling1042-00
3Dave Whiteman831-08
4Danny Deakin727-04
5Phil Powell3215-12
6Gary Kelsey28DNW

C Section
1Kevan Orr2491-02
2Geoff Edwards1687-10
3Justin McCabe1460-06
4Mick Chappel2630-09
5Mick Lane180-03
6Micheal Corsini220-01

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Open- 29/03/13

  • Peg 14
  • DNW
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