Thursday, 24 January 2013

Manor Farm Leisure

  • Peg 11 Windmill
  • 81lb 6oz
  • 1st place

After a week of frosts and snow I was still really looking forward to today's match, the weights at Manor Farm Leisure have been very impressive considering the weather. There has been 100lb+ in one match, and the back weights have been steady too! So it hasn't been one peg or one lake, the weights have be reasonably well spread out. So you should be on for a few bites.

I draw peg 11 on Windmill, which is ok, a steady area. Would of sooner been a little higher up the lake towards the island. But I caught here sunday, but the fish didn't last. One thing i've learnt with Windmill, is you need to catch as quick as possible at times, as the fish may only feed for a couple of hours and then goes right off, like a light switch, and they sometimes feed again in the last 30 minutes.  So" need to make hay when the sun shines".

My bait list is simple:

  • 1 pint of 4mm pellet,
  • 1 tin of corn and 
  • A loaf of bread.
  • Nothing more, nothing less.

Hook fish and then feed, speeds up the whole process of catching.  I caught 50lb in the first 1 hour and 30 mins.

After 20 mintue battle I landed this 13lb 8oz Mirror Carp on 0.09 and pink vespe elastic
I pleased to end up with 81lb in 0oc conditions and looking forward to this weekend at Manor Farm Leisure as this will be the last one for a while as I'm off to Grand Union canal in Milton Keynes to practice for our Angling Trust Semi finals in February.

Match Results – Thursday 24th January – Windmill and Island Pools – Affordable Open

Colmic Peg 11 Windmill
South Redditch Peg 9 Windmill
MFL Peg 16 Windmill
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