Monday, 30 January 2012

Gloucester Canal

Gloucester Canal

It's very rare for me to pleasure fish, but only a few miles up the road from my house I decided to give in and have a couple of hours fishing.  It was good, but fished a flyer, peg 268.

Looking forward to March when there is some big matches on the canal, hopefully draw here.

Day 2 of practice

Much colder, therefore much harder 7 roach and one small skimmer

Day 3 of practice

Peg 1
7 fish for 3lb

After many matches been cancelled due to the bad weather, I decided to go to the Gloucester canal again at lunch time.  I checked on it at 11am and went back home, done my bread and then come at 12, and loads of ice had drifted.
Big sheets of ice coming down the canal, caused huge problems and I couldn't fish any further than 10 meters

Good bread hooks, Colmic N600

Not many bites, but good sized fish to be caught......

Day 4

The Gloucester canal is 20 - 14 foot at 11- 13 meters and some areas are deeper!  I would use 1.5 gram Colmic LUX pencil float, with simple bulk with a 3 or 4 droppers.  However, it does tow non and again, and not sure why it does? It doesn't pull hard and there is NO LOCKS....................  only 1 by the severn, and the canal is 16 miles long.   Therefore I would have some big rigs just in case and almost if you draw a flyer then it maybe worth having 3 gram for a postive rig and get it down fast.  I use Sensas Bernard,  I would carry them from 1 gram to 6 gram, so everything is covered.

Bread is a good method, but it was an eye opener on wednesday (day 2) where my mate (Steve Long) caught 6 fish over groundbait on the pole and I had only 1 fish on bread on the pole, so I balled it with 80% mole hill to 20% groundbait and caught a 3 fish quickly.  It is a tough venue make no mistake, but there are fish in there, and at times it seems it takes a long time to catch, like Day 3 took forty minutes to get a bite, and I started at 12.30!!  So may take longer in a match and earlier in the day, however Monday was instant.
Peg 1,  is classed as Hempstead, parking is just off Bristol Road, which is  GL2 5HY (don't blame me if you get lost), but that is where the canal is!

The first few pegs are good and then Hempstead bend has some real flyers, 46, 47,48, these are out and out bream pegs! GL2 5EA


Pegs 266-270 by the tanker bay, a lot roach and bream here. GL2 4QD

See link to help with directions!110

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